For as little as $1,000 you can open an account at USAA. CD rates are 3 month CDs to 7 year CDs. Depending on what you choose the rates can be fixed, adjustable, or variable rate CDs. These are all insured by the FDIC. A deposit of $1,000 to $94,999 is called Standard deposit. Deposits of $95,000... Read More

EverBank World Currency CDs

If you are looking out to broaden your portfolio globally, EverBank World Currency CDs can make adding currencies a simple process and potentially rewarding. You earn interest in the currency of your choice and can benefit from the appreciation against the dollar. EverBank also offers competitive... Read More

National City Bank CD Rates

A way to round out your investment portfolio is with a National City Bank CD.  Rates from this financial institution require a minimum $2500 deposit. For deposits of less than $9,999.99 the 6 month CD has an APY is 0.35%. The 9 month CD has an APY of 0.65%. The 12 month CD has an APY of 0.75%.... Read More

NASA Federal Credit Union CD Rates

At NASA Federal Credit Union, CD rates are also called share certificate (SC) rates. At this financial establishment, dividends are compounded and credited every month. For investors 23 years old and younger there is a 12 month CD with a minimum opening deposit of $50 which has 1.05% APY and a... Read More

One West Bank CD Rates

Formerly known as IndyMac, these One West Bank CD rates are now being offered to accounts that are opened online. The online fixed rate CDs have maturity terms that varying from 3 month to 5 year. When you open an account online for a 3 month CD, the interest rate is 1.24% and the APY is 1.25%.... Read More

Miami Florida CD Rates

The Miami Florida CD Rates include banks within the city, the county of Miami-Dade and the surrounding area. One of the leaders in good rates in this area is the Bank of Coral Gables. They current have their Bank CD Rates that are extremely competitive. Their 30 day CD is earning an APY of 0.50%.... Read More

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