Best CDs November 2010

The best CDs November 2010 are from the national banks that service all American no matter where they live.  One of the more consistent financial institutions in high Bank CD Rates has been the Bank of Internet based out of San Diego California. The Bank of Internet’s current CD rates are for... Read More

Oklahoma CD Rates

To compare Oklahoma CD rates, let us take a look at the rates of two of the top banks at local branches in the state of Oklahoma. The following are the current rates at the Bank of Oklahoma, with $1000 minimum required to open. For deposits under $100,000, the 7 days CD has an APY of 0.05%. The... Read More

WaMu CD Rates

WaMu is going to be JPMorgan Chase by the end of the year and all WaMu CD rates will be transitioning, if not yet already transitioned, into the Chase family. If you happen to get redirected to a JPMorgan Chase website when looking up WaMu CD information, no need to panic because all WaMu CDs... Read More

Discover Bank CD Rates

With one of Discover Bank CD rates, you can withdraw principal and credited interest without a penalty in the event you lose your full-time job. The special offer is for those who have opened or renewed a 12 month CD from July 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009. The account should be a sole ownership... Read More

Best 12 Month CD Rates

When considering investing your money on a CD, look up the best 12 month CD rates of several banks for comparison. Certain marketing strategies are being utilized by every establishment to grab your attention and entice you to invest in them. The best thing is to do your research before making... Read More

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