Best 24 Month CD Rates

For the Best 24 Month CD Rates from a bank that accepts customers from across the nation is Hudson City Bank. They are currently offering a 24 month CD with an interest rate of 2.435% and an APY of 2.50%. This is currently the highest in the nation. This rate was posted on their website on 10/30/09 and is current as of 11/05/09. There is a $500 minimum deposit required and there is a penalty for early withdraw.

American Express Bank has an extremely attractive 24 month CD with an APR of 2.35% which is the second best in the nation and is protected by the FDIC. There is no minimum amount required, but unless you make a deposit, you cannot earn any interest. This rate was posted on 10/27/09 but is subject to change without notice, but was accurate as of 11/05/09.

Aurora bank FSB has a 24 month CD which has an APY of 2.3164% and an interest rate of 2.290% with a minimum deposit of $5000. One word of caution is that this bank has been associates with Lehman Brothers Bank. Back in July of this year Lehman Brothers Bank asked the court’s permission to inject $950 million to help stabilize this smaller failing bank. This bank was threatened with a seizure by the United States government as recently as August of this year. So far it has been avoided. But invest with caution. Your money will be protected by the FDIC, just getting at it might take some work. As of today 11/05/09 the website of Aurora Bank is not available for an unknown reason.

These bank CD rates are current as of 11/05/09 but are subject to change without notice. Currently these are the best 24 month CD rates, but invest with caution and do your own research.

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