Ally CD Rates

When it comes to Ally CD rates, there are no minimum deposits, no monthly fees, no minimum balances. Because Ally Bank is an online bank, it costs less for them to operate. Due to this, they are able to pass the savings on to their customers in the form of higher rates.

Ally Bank has the High Yield CD where you get maximum savings with their highest fixed CD rate. The 3 months CD has an interest rate of 1.09% with an APY of 1.10%. The 6 months CD and the 9 months CD both have an interest rate of 1.44% with an APY of 1.45%. The 12 months CD has an interest rate of 1.93% with an APY of 1.95%. The 18 months CD has an interest rate of 1.92% with an APY of 1.94%. The 2 years CD has an interest rate of 2.18% with an APY of 2.20%. The 3 years CD has an interest rate of 2.52% with an APY of 2.55%. The 4 years CD has an interest rate of 2.71% with an APY of 2.75%. The 5 years CD has an interest rate of 3.05% with an APY of 3.10%.

You can still benefit from a fixed CD rate with Ally’s No Penalty CD. This is another CD option that allows you to withdraw your entire balance including all interest earned without early withdrawal fees, in case you need your money before maturity. There is only one CD rate for this which is the 9 months CD. This has an interest rate of 1.48% with an APY of 1.49%. You can get the best rate with Ally’s Ten Day Best rate Guarantee which allows you to automatically get the best rate during that time period when you fund your CD within 10 days of opening or renewing your Ally account. Know more about these bank CD rates by visiting the website.

The Ally CD rates are still current as of 11/10/2009. Rates were posted on Ally Bank website on 11/06/2009 and are subject to change without prior notice.

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