3% CD Rates

To locate 3% CD Rates is still possible, but the terms are in years. Across the nation a 3% rate can be found on many CD’s that have a term of 60 months or 5 years, but that is not the only term that is above 3% anymore. The 4 year CD form Bank of the West has an APY of 3.00% with a minimum of $5000 and was posted on 11/25/09.

Most CD’s that have either an interest rate of APY at or over 3% are of terms above 5 years. Below are some examples of what is out there from the financial community in America.

The Discover bank has an inertest rate of 3.30% and an APY of 3.35% on their 5 year CD. Their 7 year CD has an interest rate of 3.39% and an APY of 3.45% and their 10 year CD has an interest rate of 3.63% and an APY of 3.70%.

Colorado Federal Savings Bank offers a 5 year CD with an APY of 3.00% and an interest of 2.96%. This is with a $5000 deposit and was posted on 10/02/09.

The First Internet Bank of Indiana offers a 60 month CD with an interest rate of 3.25% and an APY of 3.30%. The minimum deposit is $1000 and the rates were posted on 11/06/09.

Other financial institutions that current have CD rates above 3% are Ally Bank, EverBank, E-Loan.com, Nationwide Bank, Imperial Capital Bank, AIG Bank, Ameriprise Bank FSB, First Federal Savings and Loan, First Republic Bank, PenFed, CapitalSource Bank, Fremont Bank and Bank of America.

These are currently the list of financial institutions that offer 3% CD rates. These bank CD rates are subject to change with notice but are accurate as of 11/27/09.

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