How to Create a CD Ladder

Knowing how to create a CD ladder and manage it proper takes a little time but it is a wise long term investment strategy for the conservative investor. To start a CD ladder the investor must first look for the best possible overall CD rates that are being offered. The rates do not all have to be... Read More

High Yield CD Rates

Like standard CDs, even high yield CD rates are so low that a lot of savers who can afford to take on a small amount of risk are asking financial advisers to invest some portion of their maturing CD money in other fixed income products. Exactly a year ago, the average rate of a 3 month high yield... Read More

3% CD Rates

To locate 3% CD Rates is still possible, but the terms are in years. Across the nation a 3% rate can be found on many CD’s that have a term of 60 months or 5 years, but that is not the only term that is above 3% anymore. The 4 year CD form Bank of the West has an APY of 3.00% with a minimum of... Read More

First Tennessee CD Rates

First Tennessee CD Rates come from a bank that is part of the First Horizon National Corporation financial family. This institution has been in business since 1864 and is one of the top 30 bank holding companies in the U.S. This financial institution has four different types of CD’s it offers... Read More

Ally CD Rates

When it comes to Ally CD rates, there are no minimum deposits, no monthly fees, no minimum balances. Because Ally Bank is an online bank, it costs less for them to operate. Due to this, they are able to pass the savings on to their customers in the form of higher rates. Ally Bank has the High... Read More

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